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This story of two Dutch people who sacrificed
their lives to save the lives of others is about
courage “under fire.” What led them to give the
ultimate sacrifice? Highlighting the stories of Corrie
ten Boom of “The Hiding Place” and “God’s
Smuggler” Brother Andrew this film explores two
extraordinary lives of two ordinary people.
CHINA: Reflections from Heaven
China has come to the forefront of the thinking
and consideration of Western powers due to its
growing status in the financial and political
arenas. Once considered a poor “relation” now
the whole world is watching this wakening giant.
Its story is one of physical and spiritual growth
and dominance.

                    ALSO IN ARABIC  

                   ALSO IN RUSSIAN
BEIJING: City of 1,000 Stories
Beijing is a city that has more stories that can
be told about it than almost any city in the
world. From its ancient history to its role in the
21st century this city also has 1,000 stories
that can be told of its spiritual place in the Body
of Christ. Here we see and hear just a couple
of the 1,000 stories that fill this cross point of
the world.
It has been called the strongest and most
powerful movement within China. It is not
commercialism or capitalism. It is the Church
of Jesus Christ active and alive and growing by
leaps and bounds within this Communist
nations. In this film we meet a number of
leaders that are influencing the Church in China
HONG KONG: Pearl of Great Price
The city of Hong Kong is one of the most unique cities
in the world. It is a part of China yet enjoys as much
freedom as it did when it was under British authority.
It is currently experiencing revival in its churches and is
the base for Christian outreaches into China. It has
become a world leader in finances and manufacturing.
Yet millions are still unreached with the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.   
In a city mostly known for its infamous wall
God is doing a miraculous work in the
hearts and lives of the men, women and
children who live there.

Their story should be told!

            ALSO IN RUSSIAN
In a country known for its natural
beauty and well built cars God is doing
a mighty work - changing cold hearts
with the fire of His Holy Spirit.
“BONJOUR! Paris” is the story of a
city and a people with a rich
culture and history. Known for its
Romance and beauty Paris is
also made up of a people who
believe that they live life to its
fullness. But is this life all there is?
Known for its exotic locations and
living “life to the full” Brazil is also a
land of spiritual intensity and of
moving in and by the power of God.

SHANGHAI: Where East Treats West
Shanghai is often called “The Paris of the East”.
Yet, it is so much more than that. If you read “Made
in China” on any item it has, most likely, passed
through the ports of Shanghai. With over 100,000
billionaires and millionaires that it can claim as its
own it is, truly, one of the wealthiest parts of China.
But – is that all there is - the constant chase after
wealth and riches?
CHINA: One Child, One Hope, One Dream
China’s famous “One Child - One Family” policy is both
controversial and not well understood, especially in the
West. One commentator has said that the result of this
policy will be a smaller (population-wise) China but yet one
that misses a whole generation’s well known multi-
generational family ties. Is this policy also a parable of
other things going on in China?
New Year, New China, New You!
Every year the Lunar New Year brings hope and
expectations to Chinese people worldwide. “Maybe this
year our fortunes will change” many think. Special
colours and symbols are placed everywhere around
home and work in order to ward off evil and welcome
good. There must be some way to usher in a life of
favour with “the gods”. The road to prosperity is
possibly the route of the path less taken.