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In the city that gave birth to the concept of
democracy, the science of medicine and the art
of philosophy beats a heart of compassion and of
true spiritual understanding and a knowledge of
the one, true God.  
Some believe that God has forgotten the
land and nation of Israel. In actual fact, at
every turn is convincing evidence that God
remembers and blesses the land and
people that he has promised to be “the
apple of His eye”. This is the
Land that
God Remembers
Greece is seen as the land where
philosophy and wisdom was birthed.
Today many of its men and women search for
truth in “all the wrong places”.
Two places. Two religions. Two continents.
One story. Come and visit an ancient trail of
conflict, Christianity and victory.

                      ALSO IN RUSSIAN
Discovering a land where today's news and
Biblical history meet. This is the story of a
nation under pressure, a nation who's every
move is monitored, scrutinised and criticised.
What is
Awakening Israel?


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                   ALSO IN ITALIAN
It has been said that every Christian should visit Israel at
least one time in their lifetime. It is not just walking in the
footsteps of Jesus that makes a life changing
experience. The Bible actually comes alive right before
your eyes. Places such as Jerusalem, Jericho,
Bethlehem and Nazareth are no longer footnotes in
history. Their sights, sounds and smells linger long after
you reach the departure gate. Take the
Tour de Faith.

                                    ALSO IN RUSSIAN  
The Israeli mental hospitals are some of
the busiest in the world due to something
called "
The Jerusalem Syndrome". What
is it? Is it contagious? Should we seek it?
Who are they?
Why are they so hated?
What do they believe?
The People of the Book will surprise you!
The nation of Poland has seen some of
the most horrific events in human
history. Yet, there is an underlying
beauty shining through in the hearts
and lives of its people.
Journey with us to a land that spans 11
time zones and over 100 languages.
Meet the people who, once living under
a yoke of bondage, now find freedom
and happiness an elusive dream. Listen
to their hope for a future of LIFE, LOVE
and JOY.
Millions of tourists flock to Israel for the seaside.
Millions more flock to it for its desert and
beaches. Even more fly to its historic sites
because it is connected with the man who
changed history - Jesus Christ. Come aboard a
trip to visit the land where it all began - Israel.
The centre of history, archaeology, politics and
prophecy this country has it all. It's a place of
Son, Sea and Sandals.